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Some reviews mentioned that the included mounting template was particularly handy for setting up the gate, although others found the instructions difficult to follow. Parents appreciated that the four-point hardware mount installed in just minutes, and that they could open the latch with just one hand. Some comments mentioned that is was nice this gate folded in against the wall in order to stay out of the way when not in use.

While parents appreciated that this gate kept younger children safe, there were a few comments mentioning that older kids can figure out how to open the gate without much fanfare, so should be shown how to safely close it to keep younger siblings safe. The Kidco Safeway Top of Stair Baby Safety Gate is the best choice for installation at the top of stairs, and does not have a cumbersome threshold to step over.

This helps prevent any accidental trips that could be especially dangerous at the top of the stairs. Parents really appreciated the quick-release design of this gate, which allowed them to remove the gate in order to move items such as furniture through, without completely disassembling the entire unit. Many reviews noted that the mounting screws included were lacking in quality, so you might want to consider purchasing your own for added peace of mind. It has a rating of 3. Constructed from durable steel and with several panels of genuine hardwood as accents, this gate should be able to stand up to whatever your family throws at it.

Several comments noted that this gate was just as good at containing pets as it was children. A baby gate is an essential item for parents of young children, especially those who have stairs in the home. The Center for Injury Research and Policy conducted a comprehensive survey of statistics which found that a young child falls down the stairs and sustains injuries requiring a hospital visit approximately once every six minutes.

This adds up to nearly , kids under the age of five requiring treatment for these types of injuries in any given year — a sobering statistic. A baby gate lets parents quickly fence off stairs, no-go rooms, or even potentially dangerous areas such as around a fireplace in just a matter of minutes, and at an affordable cost. Not all baby gates are created equal.

A baby gate should be easy to install, adjustable to fit a variety of spaces, and feature a sturdy design. Also keep safety top of mind, and realize that not even the best baby gate can beat the supervision of a watchful parent. Baby gates should be installed at the top and bottom of stairs, in addition to anywhere else in the home that you want to keep young children out of. Pressure-mounted gates are best for use between rooms or in doorways as they can pop loose if your child pushes too hard on them. Hardware-mounted gates require the use of screws in order to safely install them, and are well-suited for use at the top and bottom of stairs.

The best type of baby gate for stairs is a hardware-mounted gate, since it uses screws in order to securely install them. For the most part, baby gates are intended for use with children 6 months to 2 years of age, although there are some that can be used with kiddos up to the age of 3. It is safe to stop using baby gates once your child can safely go up and down stairs on their own, and understand the need for safety around stairs. We looked at 20 other baby gates. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate. Pet Gates and Doors for Dogs.

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At the top of a set of stairs or in a hallway, though, there is no guarantee that studs or woodwork are going to line up across from one another. Because of how its hinge and lock work, the Stairway Special can be safely installed even if it skews up to 30 degrees. This image , from babyproofing company Baby Safe Homes , shows the gate with an extension set up at an angle—there is no other way to install a gate in this location.

Like most of the gates we tested, the Stairway Special has a removable swing stop that can prohibit the gate from swinging out over a set of stairs for safety reasons. Two of the experts we spoke with specifically recommended this gate.

The cheapest and best value baby stair gates you can buy

Tom Treanor also likes what Cardinal Gates has to offer and specifically called out the SS as one he uses often. We found that many other childproofing experts have this gate featured on their websites. The SS is available in both a white and black finish. The only difference is that the hardware is stainless steel.

The SS carries a one-year warranty. The Cardinal Gates website also offers a wide selection of parts, should a piece ever be lost. In October , the SS was recalled in Canada due to a chemical in the black paint and the potential for a choking hazard presented by the plastic endcaps used in the gate frame.

In response to questions from readers after this guide was published, we spoke to a representative at Cardinal and they informed us that the SS is now in compliance with Canadian safety standards. To remedy the situation, they changed the composition of the black paint and redesigned the plastic endcaps. Additionally, the Canadian recall points out that there were never any reports of incident or injury concerning the SS This gate has several drawbacks, but none of them offset its secure locking mechanism and its overall strength and durability. While many gates are made of stained wood or have sophisticated finishes, the SS is available in either bright white or pitch black.

If this is not a look you are comfortable with, Cardinal Gates also offers the WG, which has the same latch and hinge, but the gate itself is wood. As mentioned above, this is a sturdy gate, but it is not compatible with any extensions.

Baby Gate for Stairs

Also, by virtue of being made entirely of metal, the SS will have greater durability. Another downside is that the all-metal latch and hinge is noisier than latches on gates with plastic locks. With a little practice, we could lock and unlock it without much sound, but a quiet unlock takes a more delicate touch than with the other gates we tested, which all have plastic latches and are naturally quieter. Also, if someone were to rattle the locked Cardinal, you get the clanking metal-on-metal sound, rather than plastic on plastic.

The SS also lacks any kind of auto-latch mechanism, so you have to manually lock it each time you pass through. Auto-lock gates are convenient—just give them a firm push and they re-latch on their own—but we found that the latch and the gate need to be perfectly lined up for this to be a flawless action. Obviously, at the top of a set of stairs this security is crucially important.

Cardinal Gates offers an auto-lock gate, and we have more information on that in the competition section. Very large baseboards pose a slight problem with installation. Finally, as far as cost, the Stairway Special is heading toward the upper price range of hardware-mounted gates. Such a durable model should have no issue lasting through multiple children over the course of many years. What it does offer is a fairly simple setup and a design that can handle a baseboard of any height without any additional work.

We feel this is a fine option for separating two rooms, but we strongly recommend the Stairway Special for the top of stairs, due to the added stability. It requires eight screws, so in the end there will be more wall patching than with the Stairway Special. It also uses a fiddly template to place the screw holes, which is a little tedious. Once installed, the gate feels secure, and the two-part latch is easy for an adult. When a thumb lever is pressed, the gate can be lifted up and out of a little holder piece. The gate is re-latched with a firm push.

There is no need to lift it back in place, like with the Cardinal Gates pick. The lock is firm, but the majority of it is plastic, and we felt much more confident in the all-metal Stairway Special. This runner-up pick is similar in style to a number of competitors , including the KidCo Safeway Gate and the Munchkin Push to Close , which both look and lock the same way. The downside of this runner-up, other than the durability when compared with our top pick, is that it cannot be set up at an angle. This means that to install it, you must be certain that there is wood to screw into directly across the opening.

Retractable gates are hardware-mounted screens that use a sheet of mesh fabric pulled across an opening and hooked to the other side instead of a swinging metal door. The plus side of retractables is that they're discreet and can be used in tight areas like an entryway or in an old house with tight hallways, where a swinging gate would simply get in the way.

Of the three retractable gates we tested, we prefer the Retract-A-Gate.

10 Best Baby Gates For Stairs 2019

Like the Cardinal Gates pick, it can be set up at an angle. It is also the easiest to pull and unspool. The Retract-A-Gate also has the most forgiving latch system among its competitors. Other models require a more precise lining up of the parts in order to hook on. The Retract-A-Gate can fit an opening up to 52 inches wide. A larger model is available that can reach 72 inches. The two other retractable gates we tested had designated handles that only protruded on one side of the sheet and were awkward to hold from the other side.

The locking mechanism on the Retract-A-Gate is functional, but it's fussy when compared with the simplicity of the more traditional Cardinal or North States gates. To use the gate, a locking dial on the spool side needs to be turned to unlock, then the mesh sheet can be pulled out of the spool and hooked on the other side of the opening.

One negative of the Retract-A-Gate is that the mesh can be pulled across the opening and attached to the other side while the dial remains unlocked.

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In this situation, the gate looks secure, but any pressure on the mesh will cause it to further unspool. Parents are likely to program themselves to lock the gate after each use Wirecutter employees who use the Retract-A-Gate confirm this , but we have concerns about siblings or those unfamiliar with the gate, like a babysitter. Another drawback is that the Retract-A-Gate comes at a very high price. A larger model reaches to 72 inches as opposed to our pick's inch span , and based on Delaware's input we didn't test the 6-foot version.