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Car leasing deals are basically long term car rental agreements. Read this full guide for all the tips and tricks to finding the best dealer or broker. that leasing is often the most expensive way of financing a car purchase.
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Car leasing allows you to finance a new car without having to buy it outright. Car leasing is effectively a long-term rental. You pay an Initial Payment, typically three months' lease, followed by monthly payments for the lease term—usually three years. When the lease ends, you return the car. Read More on "How does car leasing work? When you lease a car, you'll have the advantage of choosing the latest model every 2—4 years.

Typical lease payments are lower than bank-loan repayments. You pay a fixed monthly cost and benefit from a manufacturer's warranty. However, you won't own the vehicle when the lease ends. Leasing vs PCP which should I choose?

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Car leasing gets you a brand-new car every 2—4 years. You won't own the vehicle: your lease is a long-term rental agreement. When the lease ends, the car is returned. PCP is similar, but at the end of the rental period you have the option to buy the car. When you lease a car, you'll be charged a fixed monthly rate based on the vehicle's value. You'll also pay an Initial Payment usually 3x your monthly payment, but it can be more.


On a three-year lease, total cost equals Initial Payment plus 35x your monthly payment. What are the pros and cons of leasing? Popular advantages of car leasing include fixed monthly payments, the ability to upgrade to the latest model every 2—4 years and manufacturer's warranty cover.


However, you won't own the vehicle. You're responsible for repairs outside of reasonable wear and tear, and you must stick to an annual mileage limit. What should I know when leasing a car? When leasing a car, you should be aware that you can replace your vehicle with a new model every 2—4 years. Cars are returned at the end of the agreement. Mileage limits apply. Read More on "What should I know when leasing a car? PCH is a type of car finance, which allows you to lease a brand-new vehicle for between 2—4 years.

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After an initial deposit, monthly payments are made throughout the contract period. You simply hand the car back at the end. It really depends on your outlook. In the short-term, leasing deals can work out a lot cheaper per month than a PCP or HP deal because you'll never own the car. This succumbs to the how long is a piece of string idiom. Cheap cars are cheap to lease, expensive cars are more expensive. It's the price you pay upfront for a lease. It's not a deposit because you won't get it back.

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Cheap cars are cheap to lease. Nearly every new car can be leased. Because you're not necessarily reliant on a manufacturer, you can lease from a private leasing firm. With a wide range of firms comes a wide range of cars, from Ford to Ferrari.